Rutger van Geelen Producties

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It was 2007 when I started Rutger van Geelen Producties.

I was working as a senior project manager and producer, but what I really wanted to do was be my own boss. I had plans, I had opportunities. I had the means and the motive, so I started.


For years I did small projects, a little video, a website, some business development or another project. RvG Productions enabled me to do these things and get paid for them as well. Then we arrive in 2018. I now have about 17 ideas for business ventures that I would like to pursue so I quit my fantastic job and started. At first, I was doing everything at the same time. But over time all my ideas flowed into several partnerships and collaborations. Today I am a partner in three companies, I am still trying to get 2 businesses off the ground and have three URLs that need an idea.


Rutger van Geelen Producties is now a small-time incubator, growing ideas to businesses one at a time.


Keep track of the entire creative process in a clean, streamlined way.

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The Design Observer Group
MBAM / Livre Chihuly
The Type Directors Club Naturiste
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