Rutger van Geelen Producties

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About Hollandfixer

Like RenderRebels Hollandfixer is a media content creation company but with a twist: We only cater to foreign production companies or organisations.

Assisting and helping crews or journalist from abroad to create content in The Netherlands is something I have done a lot in the past. It requires a international mindset coupled with extensive local knowledge.

We can research, scout, audition and produce from our office in Rotterdam. Sometimes it is a simple photoshoot for a local photographer, sometimes we record a commercial that requires a lot of talent. HollandFixer is part of RenderRebels and BPMFilms

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As a line-producer for Hallmark, I had the pleasure of working with Rutger during a feature shoot in the historical town centers and several UNESCO monuments. We would not have gotten permission to do so without him, nor would our experience be so smooth. He really knows what is needed. Heartily recommend him for any fixer/location jobs in the future.

Charles Kincare