Rutger van Geelen Producties

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About No name yet

Business development, implementation specialist, project manager and owner.

With No Name, I am trying to generate subscription-based consultancy and advice entity. At no name, we will screen and scan your business, and create a plan for expansion, growth or whatever business goal you might have. We have worked as a project manager on huge software implementation projects, and we have advised and helped about 14 companies in the last 2 years.

Sometimes this is a subscription to drink a coffee and discuss the business. Sometimes I accompany a client to a business deal so she is certainly at strength int hat meeting

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As a line-producer for Hallmark, I had the pleasure of working with Rutger during a feature shoot in the historical town centers and several UNESCO monuments. We would not have gotten permission to do so without him, nor would our experience be so smooth. He really knows what is needed. Heartily recommend him for any fixer/location jobs in the future.

Charles Kincare