Rutger van Geelen Producties

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About RenderRebels

This is a media content production company in Rotterdam. Even when it is just a text, content needs a little help to get noticed. Think photos or video or animation.

The power of video is so immense and the expertise needed to create great content is not very common. We all have an extensive background in film and television, but the last couple of yours we made the switch to online content. Branded campaigns, educationals or instructionals, promo videos, and all kinds of animations or CGI-heavy projects. We even created our own 360degree tour of a nuclear reactor.

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As a line-producer for Hallmark, I had the pleasure of working with Rutger during a feature shoot in the historical town centers and several UNESCO monuments. We would not have gotten permission to do so without him, nor would our experience be so smooth. He really knows what is needed. Heartily recommend him for any fixer/location jobs in the future.

Charles Kincare